Tutorial: Maya Basics and keys.

Interface and screen layout. Maya has a standard menu bar like many other programs. But there are soo many tabs that they cant all be displayed at once. Instead, just underneath is a pull down menu where you can select different menu options for modelling, rigging, animation etc. Next to this dropdown box are a … Continue reading

DIGITAL COMPOSITING: Matte Painting Basics

Matte Painting is a broad discipline. It involves creating replacement backdrops for film footage, as a cheap alternative to creating expansive sets, or as a way of improving existing backgrounds. TYPES OF MATTE PAINTING LOCKED OFF SHOT This is the simplest type of matte painting, for a shot that does not move. It may just … Continue reading



  HDR Light mapping is a technique used to get accurate lighting results when putting 3d models or characters into a photo or video scene.  By taking photos of a chrome ball, you can take the reflection data, do a bit of magic to turn it into lighting data, and apply this to your models, … Continue reading

DIGITAL COMPOSITING: Keying and Green screen.

Chroma keying, often referred to as ‘green screening’ is stripping a selected colour away from footage, leaving it transparent. This allows the remainder to be composited in front of other footage. Keying can be done with any hue, not just green, but since we often use it to key out people, green is most common … Continue reading