DIGITAL COMPOSITING: Keying and Green screen.

Chroma keying, often referred to as ‘green screening’ is stripping a selected colour away from footage, leaving it transparent. This allows the remainder to be composited in front of other footage. Keying can be done with any hue, not just green, but since we often use it to key out people, green is most common … Continue reading


Stock footage can be found here: password: composition STABILISING A SHAKY SHOT B – Move start of comp work area to timeline indicator N – Move end of comp work area to timeline indicator 1. Double click footage to open it in a separate window. Footage must be tracked in footage view, not Composition view. … Continue reading

Small tribute to Gareth Thomas

Any sci fi fans out there might remember a show from the 70s called Blake’s 7. It was a dystopian tale about a small group of resistance fighters taking on a totalitarian Government. Like Star wars, but with a tiny budget and an infamously bleak tone.  Along with Dr Who it is an important part … Continue reading

Personal Branding and Resume

Personal Branding and Resume

I recently created a series of branding materials for use when applying for jobs – two business cards and an infographic style resume replace my old microsoft word CV, which at 5 pages long wasn’t doing me any favours. Shown below is a 3D render of the whole range: (This was a simple scene rendered … Continue reading

Medievil Style Portraits

Medievil Style Portraits

So I recently had some extras work on a Popular TV show that shall remain nameless (I signed a NDA). During the down time I passed the time by sketching portrait of my fellow extras:

ZBrush Workflow in 2016

ZBrush is a great program but with so many features and it’s constantly being updated and improved upon, its hard to know where to start and how to actually go about creating something. With that in mind, heres a quick guide for the main processes used in creation along with the techniques you can use … Continue reading

Tutorial: ZBrush – Hair and Fur

There are several ways to create hair and fur in ZBrush. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and unique visual style. Get familiar with each and know which will be better suited for a particular purpose.   1a: Simulated Hair with FiberMesh In the Tool palette there is an option called FiberMesh. This … Continue reading