3DS Max micro tutorial: Minor Unity Importing problems.

So I’m making my first game in unity- the main character is modeled and animated in max, then imported as a .fbx file to Unity. Whilst everything looked great in Max, there were 3 small problems when I imported. Here’s what they were, why they happened and the solutions for each.

1: Main texture wasn’t showing.

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When I imported my model into Unity I had no idea why the texture wasn’t showing- all i was getting was a blank black model. Turns out that in Max I had the unwrap modifier above the skin modifier in the stack. Whilst this didn’t cause any problems in Max, Unity wouldn’t show the texture correctly. Simply changing the order so that the unwrap was beneath the skin solved this problem.

blog e

2: Boot and Ear appeared screwy.


In creating the ear and boots in max, I modeled one then mirrored, as is common practice.  However, whilst they again looked fine in max, there was some normal flipping goin on under the hood, which when brought into unity gave the result seen above.  To fix this, we first select the affected objects, then in the Ultilities tab of the modifier panel, choose ‘Reset Xform’ then ‘Reset Selected’.

blog c

Next, choose Collapse, then ‘Collapse Selected’ from the same tab. Everything will be collapsed to a flat mesh (skins and rigs will be gone unfortunately). Convert this mesh to editable poly, then choose faces in the modifier panel, select all faces and click the ‘Flip’ button to flip all normals. This wont look to make any difference in Max, but when you import into unity again, it should solve the problem.

blog d

3: Melee weapon wasn’t showing.

Instead of using bones, I tried to be clever by animating a spline in max to look like a whip. This worked fine in max, but Unity doesnt support splines, so when imported, everything else was fine but the splines were simply ignored. Still working on a solution to this one, but im afraid I’ll maybe    have to just go back and do it with bones…


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