Moving Image: Allingham Animation Progress

Here’s some progress work on my University Moving Image project.

The project is to create an animation, in the style of our own choosing, based on the works of Donegal poet William Allingham.

I chose the Poem ‘The Boy’, which is transcribed below:

The Boy

The Boy from his bedroom-window
Look’d over the little town,
And away to the bleak black upland
Under a clouded moon.

The moon came forth from her cavern,
He saw the sudden gleam
Of a tarn in the swarthy moorland;
Or perhaps the whole was a dream.

For I never could find that water
In all my walks and rides:
Far-off, in the Land of Memory,
That midnight pool abides.

Many fine things had I glimpse of,
And said, ‘I shall.find them one day.’
Whether within or without me
They were, I cannot say.



Although the poem tells a simple story of a boy who sees a moonlit pool from his bedroom window, I took this as the starting point for a much more dramatic tale of a young prince who sees a magical grotto from his palace window, and spends his whole life searching the surrounding countryside for it, but to no avail.




My animation style will be to take hand drawn illustrations and manipulate them using software such as After Effects. Although this will limit the amount of animation i can do, it will allow for greater detail in my images. This process is commonly used in Digital comic book applications, such as shown in the example below:



Shown below are some of the illustrations in progress. Shown first are the thumbnails and asset list used to keep a check of what needs to be created.

IMG_0488 IMG_0489

The following are the hand drawn images that will then be coloured in photoshop and then manipulated in after effects.


IMG_0490 IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494




As well as looking at several books on digital painting and fantasy illustration, I looked at photographs of real world environments, to use as a starting point:

clip_image004_thumb HD-Wallpaper-Mountain-Valley-Wallpaper IMG_4193

In terms of character design I wanted to go down the traditional High Fantasy route, most famously displayed in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Although the character will be shown at several ages, his dress style will ultimately be very similar to the Boromir or Aragorn characters.






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