Creativity in AMERICA!

Hey all. I havn’t posted for quite a few months now- the reason being I was in America studying Business at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT – GO FALCONS!!!

During this year I took whatever chance I could to keep learning and stretching my creative muscles. Heres a little gallery of all the stuff I got up to whilst away:

DUCT TAPE WALLETS!!!! These were pretty fun to make.


Ink Painting: Think I already posted about this- I recreated my own version of the classic Crisis on infinite Earths Comic Cover, but in my own style. I used Black ink and diluted it with water for the greys. Looking back, as a slightly more experienced artist, I should have gathered a few friends and got them to pose for reference. I should also have used better quality paper to prevent all the creasing, but i used what I had available.


Digital Portrait: This was a familt portrait I was commissioned to paint just before I left for the USA. Done in Photoshop, with a photo as reference. Reckon I still need a lot of practice with digital painting!


Acrylic Portraits: Inspired by the photo of the dude on the left, I wanted to draw a series of slightly offbeat portraits for the painting class I took as an elective. I’ve never spent much time painting traditionally, and again, these were all based off photos but i was pretty pleased with the results. I could be tempted to do a bit more traditional painting if the time was available!!


For another Painting assignment, I was running with the theme of ‘Superheroes at Mealtimes’! Although sadly I only got one finished piece done before I cracked the Scaphoid bone in my hand. Rage!


Lightscape Paintings – Perhaps I’ve pioneered this one… perhaps not… Took a lot of long exposure shots of me waving a flashlight, then doctored and composited them in Photoshop.


And some further experimentation, although I dont consider this one as successful…


3D Character Design: I didnt get much 3D work done but in my spare time I created a little low poly character and practiced animating him. I didnt detail the textures too much, and I used about 3000 polys altogether:

I also did a bit of video editing whilst I was away. We had to create a video detailing our time in the USA so these are the two I created:


More for joke purposes, this chronicles my favourite little Legoman’s journey through America.

And the more serious one, I spent a bit more time with the actual editting here- my year in the USA. Looking back on it now after a few months some of the transitions are a bit crappy and the timing can be a bit off, but I think i got some pretty good raw footage and photos.


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