Business Law Essays – Final Versions

The following are the papers I wrote for my Business Law Class whislt studying in the USA.

Michael Arbuthnot Paper 4: Piracy as a Crime, and a Force for Good

Michael Arbuthnot Short paper 1: Employment Status in the Videogames Industry

Michael Arbuthnot Short Paper 2: The Current Model for Sale of Digital Goods is Unethical, and in Need of an Overhaul.

Michael Arbuthnot Short Paper 3: The UCC Article 4 Effectively Keeps Banks and Customers on Equal Footing in Matters of Writing and Processing Checks.

Course Reflections

I feel like I learned a lot from this class. Althought there was a lot of reading, some of it pretty boring, I found the course material to be very interesting and informative. I hope that the information and skills I gained will be useful in my future career. Should I start my own business, or end up running another, having an awareness of the ins and outs of business law should be useful. Although I wouldnt consider myself an expert, even having a basic knowledge of this material makes me feel more prepared for any unforseen obstacles in my future  career.

I liked the essay writing portion of the course. Whilst I would consider myself a good writer anyway, it was good to get a little fine tuning of my craft- particularly in learning how to actually write a thesis and write proper references in APA format. It was also nice to be able to research my own topics, as I could relate the business aspects back to the material that will be relevant to my degree back home.


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