Justice League Painting

Painting Final

I wanted to create an illustration of Superman or Supergirl, and I found inspiration in the form of the DC’s iconic comic book cover from ‘Crisis on infinite Earths from 1985.

I wanted to recreate this in my own way, showing the reactions of Supermans closest allies, and that of the man himself to the death of his cousin, Supergirl.

I created the piece with black ink, which i diluted in water for the greys. All told i think it took about a week to create, working in my spare time.

No doubt this could be improved a fair bit but for now im pretty pleased with the outcome. The photograph of the orignial was a little weak so I adjusted the levels in photoshop to more accurately match the original. Other than that its how it was painted.

Shown below is a quick little vid of how it was made.

<PLACEHOLDER- Coming soon>


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